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Alan Brown: News

CHANGES! - March 16, 2017

There comes a time in the life of some entertainers when he or she wants to move away from the cosy world of coach parties, corporate events and huge function rooms and concentrate on performing to audiences who are there to listen ... and this is the time for me to do just that.

This is the time for the spotlight to shine on my own songs plus my interpretations of favourites from a vast repertoire of different styles of music built up over the years. Regarding my own songs, I have twice won the prestigious Scottish Folk Directory SONGWRITER Contest, taken part successfully in songwriting competitions and successfully released five albums of original material.

Accordingly, I am looking to perform more in new musical venues - and in many cases familiar ones from when I started on this musical journey.

I would appreciate it if you would have a listen to some of my songs on this website and let me know if I would fit into your programme of events in the future.

Many thanks for reading this.

Best wishes


LATEST CD - January 14, 2017

Delighted to have released my new CD 'Happiness is Shy'. The title comes from Robert Burns: "Then catch the moments as they fly, and use them as ye ought, man: believe me, happiness is shy, and comes not aye when sought, man."

There are 14 tracks including 12 original songs and it's available at gigs and in local shops and businesses for £6, or £7 inc postage in the U.K.

NEW CD - January 14, 2017


THE LOCH TAY SUITE - a sketchbook in sound - is a new instrumental recording by Highland Perthshire musician and writer Alan McIntosh Brown. As the title suggests, the theme of the recording is Loch Tay and its surroundings over the years - from the dawn of civilisation to modern times.

There are thirteen themed passages, beginning with the arrival of the earliest settlers and the ever-present danger of attack and ranging through events such as the holy settlement on the peaceful Island of the Women and the bloody events of 1644 during the devastation by Montrose's army.

The natural beauty of Ben Lawers, the royal visit to Taymouth Castle in 1842 and the advent of steamships and the railways are also celebrated along with a commemoration of the wartime presence of our staunchest allies in World War Two.

The final passage is an epilogue: separation from a loved one or place can be cruel, but memories can ease the heartbreak if only for a while.

THE LOCH TAY SUITE is an ideal souvenir of a visit to this wonderful area and the music is a perfect backdrop to the glorious scenery. Long after the weary traveller has returned home, the beautiful sights and sounds will be recreated at any time for the asking.

The CD is on sale locally at Highland Safaris; Karelia House; The Courtyard, Kenmore; Windows Gift Shop, Aberfeldy and Kenmore Club Reception at a special price of £6, or £7 inc postage to addresses in the UK.

For more information contact me here at

PUBLISHED NOVELIST! - January 14, 2017

At the end of August 2013 I celebrated publication of my first novel The Old Music.

Most of the book is set in 1947 when post-war Britain is rebuilding, both physically and morally.

The small Scottish community of Glenfionn is the gateway to the glen of the same name. Like other communities it has lost men to the war and is faced now with another hammer blow - the proposed destruction of much of the land to make way for a hydro-electricity scheme.

The village council organises a pageant to celebrate the history of the glen through the ages: from the time of Fionn the legendary Hero-King, to the priest Eonan, worker of miracles and deliverer from the plague; from the supernatural Cailliche or stone-woman to the unknown builders of the dykes that ring the glen to this day - a pageant embroidered with the thread traceable from the earliest travellers to their present-day descendants.

The schoolmaster is an incomer to the village; when he re-creates this ancient world for the pageant the consequences are far-reaching and tragic. The established residents react in different ways in a desperate attempt to hold the glen together. Caught up in the struggle are two young women of contrasting natures: one is a shy schoolteacher; the other is Helen, whose life has been shattered by the wartime disappearance of her Duncan.

Against a background of superstition, morality and personal ambition, the novel charts the unstoppable march of progress and the winners and losers left in its wake. Who can save the glen from this twentieth-century plague and, in the final reckoning, who are the outsiders and who can still hear The Old Music?

" MAGIC" (5 stars on
"Captures the essence of remote Scottish life beautifully, through the lives of characters so real you expect to meet them if you walk through the countryside. The sort of book that stays in your thoughts long after you've read the final page." (Briagha)

"A GREAT READ" (5 stars on
"A great story, kept me enthralled from the first page to the last with characters so real it felt as though I know them all personally! Would recommend it to everyone!" (S Fenton)

"This book really disrupted my life for the last week because in spite of having someone to stay and in spite of arranging a huge dinner party for last Saturday, I kept sneaking up corners for a sly read - I could not put it down and like some dreams, it hung around my person throughout the day so that instead of trying to fathom how to cook crepes for eleven folk, I kept wondering what was going to happen up in the Glen.

It was a great read - you ended it beautifully. I just wish it was in paper back too. I would definitely be buying one for each of our children. They would love it. Bring on the next one!" (Pauline Turner)

The book is available in Kindle format only, but potential readers with a PC or laptop can download a free Kindle App to enable them to read any e-book from Amazon or elsewhere. Also, you can download a couple of sample chapters free of charge as a taster.

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